Halloween: Hello Creepy Doll.

***As already promised, I wrote this blog entry in english for my english-speaking friends! Enjoy !!!***

Dressed up as a creepy doll and together with my “deer”-roomie Stefanie, we headed off to a so described “ERASMOLOGY” Halloween Party for Erasmus students (I am happy that I was able to enter the club, ’cause unfortunately I am not an Erasmus student :D). Anyways, the club “Floripa” where everything took place was located at Shoreditch and was highly decorated. When we arrived, many weird figures were already queueing infront of the entry. Ghosts, mouses, skeletons and other creepy or funny costumes were represented…, including us.

deer&creepy doll
© Natenka.

While being on the dancefloor, we met some students from our university. Together with those scary figures “we painted the club red” and danced all night long. It was quite funny to see people in costumes dancing the GANGNAM Style – even the security man gave us a smile for a second. 😉 I will always keep that night in my mind, because it was just awesome and even the drinks weren’t that expensive that time. For a Caipirinha we payed 5£ and a coke was about 2£! GREAT! 🙂

Just have a look at the gallery, where I put some pictures of this night. Enjoy it, and “Happy Halloween” wuahahahaha! 🙂 xx, Natenka. Ps: Don’t forget to comment under this post! Thanks !



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