Sweet(s) & Sexy X-Ma(n)s

Sweets, cookies and mulled wine … Christmas is around the corner and everywhere you look you find delicious things to eat. (: Especially on the christmas markets, which are already opening here in Hamburg city. The first one we visited was the one at the “Rathausmarkt”. Although it was in the middle of the week, the market was very crowded and people warmed their hands on their cups of mulled wine. We also tried a “cranberry mulled wine” and really enjoyed it. In addition we tried a “Dresdner Hausbrot” – a bread with cheese and bacon and some sour cream on it – really recommendable! I also ate “Schmalzkuchen” – some biscuits with powdered sugar, which I have never eaten before, but which were just awesome!!! (:

However, this week was a special one. The Cover-Model-Contest of the magazine “Men’s Health” was in full swing and the best twenty readers of this magazine were shooted. We went to the set and could see the candidates posing infront of the camera! (: The winner will be at the cover of one of the next magazines of Men’s Health and also will be the star of one of the next nationwide ad campaign of head&shoulders. It was nice to see how such a shooting was organized and arranged – and those men … what a delightful sight! (;

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