The Life of Riley :)

Some weeks have passed by, since I was writing my last blog entry and this weekend was so awesome that I decided to let you know about it! 🙂 One of the first destinations was the legendary Skyline Bar “20up” – one of Hamburgs’ lifestyle bars with a brilliant view over the city and the harbour. It’s just a place to be! I allowed myself a delicious “Hakuna Matata”-Cocktail… mhhh yummeeey! I can highly recommend this bar – it’s definitely a “must-see” !!!


Saturday I woke up late and had a good night’s rest! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was looking outside the window: … Snow … everywhere! So my roomie Juli and me dressed us warmly and went outside – *crack* *crack* .. the sound under our shoes was very strange but though it was funny to walk through the snow. Finally, after a long journey through the streets of Hamburg (we’ve got rail replacement services here, ’cause of road works … 😦 ), we arrived at the “Außenalster”, where we strolled along the water, dreaming to live in one of those beautiful mansions ❤


Some hours later, we fell into our beds – to defreeze. I almost directly fell asleep. And I also had to, because Sunday I had to wake up early. .. To be exact: at 8am. *Oh*my*gosh* 😀 However, it was worth it, because I met my lovely Janina and we enjoyed our breakfast at the “Golden Temple Teehaus” – waffles, muesli and those Yogi Tea’s ( I chose the Ginger-Lemon one 🙂 ). After being strengthened, we headed back to the “Landungsbrücken”. There, we went to the “Hamam Hamburg” – It was the first time I tried the turkish spa and it was just amazing! We both got a towel and went into a nicely decorated room, where the air was so warm and where it just felt cosy – it felt like being in a sauna. A friendly guy explained us everything and we sat down on a marble bench, between us a tiny bowl, where the guy let warm water in. With small bronze shells we showered the warm water over our bodies, still wearing the towels – which felt a little bit strange, but nice as well. Laying down on a big heated marble stone gave us a relaxed feeling and I would have been fall asleep when there hadn’t been that guy waking us up 🙂 (By the way: I NEED such a stone… haha). The guy took us with him to another marble bench, where we layed down and got a peeling-foam-massage – I just LOVED it! ❤ To everyone, who wants to escape from the everyday-life, the Hamam Spa is perfect!


Thanks for visiting my blog .. xx Nati 🙂

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