The little things in life…

Someone special told me that life is about the little things (…) – just things like a smile of the person you love, to be happy for what you’ve got or simply the visit of your only brother 🙂 Two weeks ago, he was visiting me here in Hamburg and we have spent a long weekend together! Besides the solar eclipse (such a great spectacle!) and watching Germany’s next Topmodel (yes, I’ve got the best brother on this planet! :)), we went shopping, celebrating and I showed him around Hamburg. He was my poor little brother, who had to accompany me and my roomie to the “Blogger-Bazaar” at the Hafen City, where hundreds of girls were queuing infront of the entrance. Almost frozen, we finally entered the bazaar … and we really made some nice fashion deals. Besides some golden rings and a nice blouse, I also bought a lovely clutch. After quickly enjoying a last “Hugo”, we went back home, where we got ready for an unforgettable party night with some other friends of mine!

Sunday we headed to Hamburgs’ biggest fair – the “Dom”. We tried to get a Minion, but unfortunately we failed 😀 However we have had a lot of fun and my brother got a kind of donut, filled with …. N.U.T.E.L.L.A!!! Gosh, I was so jealous, ’cause since the beginning of february I am starving….But I loved to see his face – that big fat smile, while biting into the donut! 😉

All in all it was such a nice weekend. It was so enriching, ’cause I realized again, how lucky I can appraise myself – I have such a lovely brother, with whom I can have so much fun! Thank you mum & dad for that ‘little’ boy, who always makes me smile and laugh! 😉 xx.

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