Hello November…

… please be good to us.
The 11th month of the year and the last month of autumn – but a beginning of new adventures. 🙂 With a scary Halloween Party we celebrated the last hours of that beautiful, golden October. Dressed as a Scarecrow – okay I deny, I wasn’t that creepy at all – I spent an amazing evening with my friends, Dracula, Mummies & Co.  …  🙂 However, holidays here in Germany are almost over. It is time to get focused again. Focused to experience the next month nearly as good as the October already was…

While I am writing the blog article, I  thought a bit about my resolutions for the upcoming month. And I set a little list, writing down my five “no’s” for the “NO”vember 🙂

  1. NO procrastination.
  2. NO regrets.
  3. NO day without giving a smile to someone foreign.
  4. NO soda – more water instead.
  5. NO unnecessary upset.

Well .. those five terms came to my mind at first. However, procrastination is not always a bad one, is it? 😀 But unfortunately “a stich in time saves nine”.  Then there are all those regrets one can have. I’ll try to leave mine behind. Next one is easy … 🙂 … Why not giving more often strangers a smile or attention? Who knows? – Maybe someone will fall in love with it. And…seriously, the most people drink too much soda or nothing at all. I will now try to drink more water. 😛 Last but not least: No unnecessary upset. We should try to be more relaxed and to be chilled. How often do I see people getting upset for unneeded reasons. Let’s be more kind, more friendly and more cooperative. I think this will lead to a better world ( urgh do I sound like Miss Undercover? :P) …

In this sense: Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. 
xx, Natenka

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