Eat, live, love & laugh – one weekend well-spent.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes your richer. – Unknown.

I totally can agree to this quote. I guess, many travel-lovers like this saying and it is definitely true. It doesn’t matter where you travelling to or which little journey you’re going to make – travelling makes you richer, even if you’re spending a lot of money on it or if you’re just going to grab a ticket to the next train station (and yes, this is a journey too :D).

This weekend, I spent a lot of money and I just stayed within Hamburg, but every day brought its own little journey with it. My parents were visiting me and on Friday morning, after a nice breakfast at the café „Moraba“ at the Sternschanze, we headed towards Blankenese. I love this pretty little neighborhood with its‘ mansions and beautiful tiny stairways, side streets and boutiques. Blankenese is just a few minutes away from Altona (by car) and one feels as if one is on vacations. The Elbstrand is almost ending there and a small lighthouse at the beach is beautiful to see. You also can go up some stairs to a platform, where you can enjoy the view from the lighthouse. On that day it was a bit windy, but sunny as well and we loved to just stay at the platform to watch all the boats sailing over the Elbe.

After that nice trip to Blankenese, where I also allowed myself a great SHRIMP SANDWICH, we started back to Altona, where we got ready for an amazing evening at the Clouds Bar. I can highly recommend this bar with its awesome view over the whole city, which was beautifully sparkling and and twinkling. We arrived at about 9.30pm, where the sun was about to set. This twilight gave us a phenomenal view over Hamburg. At the roof-top terrace, it was a bit freezy, but we couldn’t miss out to see this. 🙂 However, the evening was brilliant. We sat at the bar, trying some Cocktails (My mom and myself got the „Kimi Sour“one, which was delicious and very sweet – a typical female cocktail, I guess 😀 My dad enjoyed his „Vienna in Ashes“ with chocolate, whiskey and orange), enjoying the view and just tittle tattle about this and that.

The next day, we had a great breakfast at „Kaffee Stark„. Croissants, bread, toast, organic eggs, a lot of variations of cheese and sausages, salad, vegetables and fruits and delicious coffee, made our day to become a good start into it. 🙂 And we needed that strengthening, ‚cause after the breakfast we went shopping (yes, daddy – sorry for that :D). Anyways – we weren’t that successful and headed home after a while. Very tired, we had a last coffee in my apartment, before my parents started to leave and drove back home to „Nordrhein-Westfalen“. A bit sad, I had to say goodbye, knowing I will see them again in a few weeks – so I could smile very soon again 🙂

All in all, it was such a great weekend and some days well-spent with the people I really love most. 🙂 So: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer? Indeed. And some things you can not buy: love. In this sense: „Enjoy spending some days with your loved ones and be thankful that you’re having them 🙂

Cheers. Natenka


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