„Goodbye Germany – Hello London!“

The adventure has begun – at the latest when I wanted to get into the taxi on the wrong side, I realized that I am now in England. „The other side, madame,“ the taxi driver shouted to me with a laugh. I almost sat at the steering wheel myself (: Here everything is just the other way round. Here you drive in the left lane of the car, the taxi driver is not strapped in and is yapping at you with his Indian accent, drives without any navigation and heats past big red buses so close that the taxi beeps.

The drive from Gatwick Airport across London to South Tottenham, where my shared flat is located, took one and a half hours. Shortly before our destination we got to feel again what it means to drive through London without a navigation system and passed the dorm several times without seeing it. Minutes later, 117£ poorer and with our nerves almost at the end, we finally made it to our destination. At the reception I had to notice that my door keys could not be found. After another 20 minutes I could finally check into my room – finally. (: Similar to a ship, where the cabins are located in the corridor on the right and on the left, my corridor looks like. My room at the end of the corridor is small and cosy. A small bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a small bathroom – my home for four months. Definitely takes getting used to – especially the train that races past my window every five to ten minutes. The kitchen and living room are shared with five roommates.

Five days have passed so far and I have seen and experienced a lot. The underground alone is an adventure in itself, and I have got lost in its labyrinth several times. (: „Mind the gap“ it sounds constantly from the loudspeakers. One is warned here of the gap between the platform and the doorsills of the subway. Little Natalie could possibly fall into it :-D. Anyway – thanks to the fast connection I could already see the London Eye, the Big Ben, Madame Toussauds, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and many beautiful places and sights:

Tomorrow my first week at London Metropolitan University begins. I am curious to see what will await me. Here you can find out all the news (: Enjoy reading.

xoxo, Natenka


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