Goodbye London ♥

Two days have passed by, since I was leaving London. I can not believe that four months already are gone, but I am also happy to be back in Germany again, since my journey was pretty exhaustive. First, I went by bus and with all my luggage (23kg + a 11kg handbag) to the university to write an exam. After attending the exam, I had about half an hour to walk (!) from the university to Liverpool Street…If my bag would not have been ripped off, I would probably didn’t had that much trouble to do so, but unfortunately the bag, which I just bought the day before, broke.  At this point: Thanks to Primark :-D. Nevertheless (and don’t ask me how), I made it to the Liverpool Street Station, where I took the Stansted Express to Stansted Airport. I was the luckiest girl in the world, when the women at the check-in waved my luggage through. While all my cash (the British call it: ’shrapnel‘) found its way from my purse into my bag (-.-‚), I was struggling to carry the 11kg bag through the dutyfree shops, where I spent my last 20 bucks for something to eat and for a victoria’s secret body spray ♥. I thought everything would be fine, but when I saw the propeller maschine of airberlin, I really got a queasy feeling:

Somehow I survived the flight and safely arrived in Germany. Thanks god! The first thing I did, was searching my parents and my boyfriend, who weren’t at the exit 🙁 However, after some minutes I finally found them and we went home. It was a long long journey, but I am already a bit wistful – four months of happiness, excitement, tears and hard work are over now. All things considered, I will miss my beloved city London and all the amazing people I met. Thanks to everyone, who made this journey so amazing and my heartful thanks especially go to my lovely ‚roomies‘ Monika and Stefanie ! You made this experience even better and it was a pleasure to meet you. ♥

My last days in London were pretty amazing! Apart from studying for my exams, I went to my favourite places in London, which there were the St. James’s Park or the Queen’s Walk next to the Themse with a quick side trip to the Millenium Bridge.  In addition I finally tried some fish and chips at a restaurant called „Poppies“, which I surprisingly really enjoyed. Our last weekend, we went to the ‚The Penthouse‘ at Leicester Square. The nightclub with three floors offered a great view over London and we celebrated the whole night! (: And not to forget: I cut my hair (!) – now they are at shoulder-length and I love it. I can highly recommend the ‚3thirty hair and beauty salon‘ in Shoreditch. However, … I will come to an end now and pictures can tell you more than a thousand words – therefore you can now enjoy my little picture gallery of my last week in the greatest city. London?! I will miss you…

xoxo. Natenka

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