Hello Hamburg!

One week has passed by since I moved to Hamburg. Another journey has started and I am so excited to explore this city. I am working here for the magazine „Women’s Health“ as an intern at the online desk. My first week there was very exciting and I already got some nice tasks to work on. (: The first little article I published you can find here.

Luckily me, the first weekend I spent here, was a very sunny one. Janina, another intern, and me spent it very well, while discovering some of Hamburgs‘ nicest places. Saturday morning we enjoyed a great breakfast at „Café Johanna„, where we had some croissants, yogurt with delicious fruits and some ayurvedic specialities. (: After being well strengthened, we headed out into the city to buy some groceries. It was very exhaustive to carry all the stuff back home, thats why we decided to take a little nap before exploring Hamburg’s nightlife! (:

At about 10pm we met at the „Schanzen Viertel“, where we went to one of the most popular bars in Hamburg called „Katze“ (Engl.: Cat). It was very crowed but a well spent evening with some white wine!

The next day we met at Hamburg’s „Landungsbrücken“ where we took a walk along the beautiful harbor. At the Altona Cruise Center we had a great view over the harbor and part of the city. In addition we found out that the „Meßmer Momentum“ isn’t far away from the harbor, thats why we decided to go for a tea. It was a perfect ending of the weekend and a lovely sunday evening at the „Hafen City“ and we enjoyed our „green tea goji açai“. 



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