I scream for Ice Cream .. & Frozen Joghurt!


Summer is over … ? Not for us. (: This weekend my bff and me were strolling through the city. We spotted this cute little Italian Espressobar „Sunnysu“ and I just can say that those eggwaffles were the best I’ve ever eaten before! Filled with two toppings (I’ve chosen strawberries and „Kinder Chocolate“), two sauces (chocolate and caramel) and Frozen Joghurt, the taste was just amazing. ♡

However, if that wouldn’t be enough: I went today to „Bar Schmitz“  at the Aachener Street. Two balls of delicious ice cream went straight into my belly. Chocolate ice cream with sweet Popcorn (♡!) and a ball of Mango Sorbet…yammii! I was in heaven! (:

xoxo, Natenka

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