Let it roll‘!

Neon pink leggings, print-pants, glitter shirts and coloured wigs – Those crazy outfits one can only find in the RollerDisco in Vauxhall. It felt like being part of a musical or movie of the seventies, when we skated through the areas of the Disco. Surrounded by the other skaters and listening to the music of the seventies, it turned out to be much fun.

The last time I was skating with such rollerblades, was when I was a 12-year-old girl. At the beginning of our „RollerDisco-experience“, it was difficult to even stand on those rollerblades. Hence, for us beginners the evening started a bit bumpy, but after a while we felt comfortable on the shoes – when there would’nt have been other skaters, who sometimes crossed the ways and made us well-nigh falling down. (: However,  this evening was different and we had a lot of fun. I can warmly recommend the RollerDisco @ the Rennaissance Rooms in Vauxhall.


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