London’s Markets.

Among the most beautiful markets here in London are without doubt the Columbia Road Market, Portobello Market in Notting Hill and Borough Market. I already told you about Portobello Market and this Saturday we went there again and I have to say that it was worth it. This time there were even more stands and a lot more people strolled through Portobello Road. Countless jewellery and antiques sellers haggled with the customers, but also clothes, fruit and vegetable stands as well as many stands with delicious food could be admired. In a small boutique I got a nice leather jacket for only 49,95£ and now I am the proud owner :). Also the falafel-wrap, which I treated myself to last but not least, was just a pleasure 🙂

The sunday started again with sunshine ☼. Therefore we started already at 11am to Old Street Station, from where we walked a few minutes to Columbia Road. Every Sunday there is the „Columbia Flower Market„. When we reached the market, we already smelled the scent of the lovely flowers and the different kinds of spices. The market was small and many people squeezed through the narrow alley where many florists sold their flowers, but it was worth the visit and also the bagle we bought in one of the shops at the side of the road was a little delicacy and refreshment at the same time – because after visiting the Flower Market we went back to Oxford Circus for shopping 😉 Here it is „open for business“ every Sunday and the shops are open – a real paradise! 😛

Next week the university will start – I am curious to see what else will await me.

xoxo, Natenka


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