New Years Eve in the greatest city – Hello 2014′!

Spending the New Years Eve in central London was probably the best idea ever – my boyfriend and me went to the Westminster Bridge, where thousands of people were waiting for the great fireworks. We had to wait four hours for the spectacle to begin, but it was really worth it. While waiting next to the Big Ben with the view over the Themse and the London Eye, we met a nice young couple with whom we talked a lot and what made the waiting much easier. But also the DJ, who played music during the whole evening, was nice to listen to. Every hour there was a picture of the left hours screened on a building behind the London Eye and the crowd went crazy with every hour closer to twelve o‘ clock.

Finally there were just 5 Minutes left. A countdown was screened on the building just one minute before the Big Ben beat its‘ bells and I really got goosebumps when the first firework exploded. (:

Here you can see some insights of the fireworks 2013/2014:

I wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2014!


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