Somewhere lost in Soho – Breaking the Rules.

My roommates and I wanted to spend our first evening in London with students from the university in one of the many pubs in the city and met as agreed at Piccadilly Circus. From there, we set off for „Soho“ – a district of London that is mainly known for its lively nightlife. But in search of a nice pub that also let us wander through Chinatown, we only came across some completely overcrowded pubs. In order not to go out empty, we then decided to go to the somewhat shady pub „Admiral Duncan“. That this pub was a „gay bar“ was hard to overlook, not at least when Mrs. Drag Queen personally performed for us on a small stage. We could hardly stop laughing when the „Olivia Jones of London“ performed in her element „Get the Party started“ in her pink glittering dress and silver diamond-studded high heels

Already on the first day of university we were taught certain rules. Not only that we broke all of them, for example that we were in Soho in the evening, wandered through the streets with our cell phone in our hands and were only among Germans, we were also in the biggest gay district far and wide, drank Heineken beer and sang along to the songs of the Vengaboys. 😀 The drag queen thought that my roommates and I looked like „Atomic Kitten“ and was visibly thrilled by her German fans:

„How is your name?“
„wooonderful name, and yours?“
„Ohhhh Monnikka and how can I call you my darling?“
„I’m Stefanie“
„Nice! Together you are now my Atomic Kittens“

After we had more or less fled the pub, we spent some more time in the pub „De Hems“ before we went home again with the tube. Our Tuesday evenings would be secured then – one has seldom laughed so much. 🙂


xoxo, Natenka

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