Sunday Music Vibes

Sunday Music Vibes

Those days are tough and the thing ‚bout the shitty corona-virus has us in its grip. Days are almost spent at home and one can feel really alone due to the ’social distancing‘-regulation. The more important it is that we don’t lose our joy and for me, music is an essential help to survive. I decided to collect all my favorite tracks and came up with a ’sunday vibes‘-playlist on Spotify. Every sunday I will put some new tracks into the playlist and I will present my top five every week. So let’s start with my first five favorites this week:

NEA, Fleurie & Co. – my favorite discoveries

NEA – Swedish singer songwriter

The first artists I want to introduce is NEA. I found her profile on Spotify, while listening to her song ‚Some Say‘. Inspired by the song of Eiffel 65 ‚I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee), NEA released this debut single. I also love the remix of that song by Felix Jaehn and can highly recommend that song. NEA is a Swedish artist and singer songwriter. She was a co-author of songs by Zara Larsson (‚Lush Life‘) and much more.

However, I also want to share NEA’s song ‚dedicated‚ with you. It’s a really calm and beautiful one:

Fleurie – U.S. artist and singer songwriter

Recently I discovered Fleurie and I love her pieces of work. She was born in the nineteens in Canton, Michigan and started to write songs when she was just eleven years old. Her music is something between contemporary folk and electronic pop. One of my favorite songs of her might be ‚Soldier‘ and I could play that song non-stop. Here you can find it on YouTube:

SONIA – french model and pop singer

Before SONIA started her music-career, she was a model for labels like Chanel or Miu Miu. Her debut-song ‚Joyride‘ was already released in 2019 – shame on me that I only just discovered it some weeks ago. However I really love her voice and that song. Definitely one of my latest favorites. But see for yourself:

J.O.Y. – newcomer with good vibes

This musician I discovered some days ago, as I was streaming some new playlists. I think he is a very talented artist and I really love his way of singing and his work. I’m not sure, but I guess he is a newcomer. So check out his music: Here you can find his Spotify-profile. I can highly recommend the good-mood-song ‚Into the Night‚:

Ali Gatie – Canadian singer songwriter and rapper

I found out about Ali Gatie while listening to his song ‚It’s You‚. But today I want to recommend a new release by the Canadian artist with Iraqi roots. I really like listening to his songs, because Alis‘ voice is very smooth and calming. He always puts a lot of feelings into his songs. The song I like to introduce is called ‚What if I told you that I love You‚. You can also listen to this beautiful piece on YouTube:

So basically those were my TOP FIVE of my favorite songs at the moment. If you like you can follow my new playlist on Spotify for song inspirations and maybe you’ll find some tracks you also like. If you have a song you really like listening to and you want to recommend it, just feel free to leave a comment. I am always searching for music inspo and I am happy for any suggestions! 🙂 Have a lovely start into the next week and #staysafe and #stayhealthy.

xoxo, Natenka


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