Vitamin Sea

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

…that’s why my family and me packed our suitcases and traveled into the South – Lissabon welcomed us with a very dry and warm summer heat. With our rented car we traveled to Serra d’el Rei – a small village close to the metropolis. Here the climate is way more enjoyable, because the sea is just a hop away from our apartment. <3

The first days here were amazing. With my new friend – the huge Flamingo – we went to the beach. The picture you can see above was definitely ‚the calm before the storm‘. My mom took this lovely shot, before I went into the waves… 🌊 . There, a wave hit me, we made a turn and I was struggling under the wave, gasping for air 😀 I guess, it was a sight for the gods! 🙂 Well, however – Vitamin Sea (!) directly into the nose!

I hope you’ll enjoy. Obrigada! 🙂

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