Welcome to Winter Wonderland

The Hyde Park shines in new splendour – its christmas time . Say hello to the Winter Wonderland (: Part of the Hyde Park is beautifully decorated and invites people to enjoy the wintry atmosphere. From the 22th of November until the 5th of January one can enjoy the lights, food stands and the attractions set out across the parkland. The Giant Obsevation Wheel looks beautifully and while walking through the park you can smell the scent of mulled wine, spanish churros and almonds.



It was a well spent evening at the Hyde Park. Monika and me enjoyed the christmas atmosphere and ate a  delicious German Pizza! (: I also allowed myself some really good tasting spanish Churros. There are many food stands offering their specialities, attractions for old young – for example the highly decorated Ice Rink or Zippos Circus – here you can spend a wonderful and magical christmas day out in the UK – it was really worth it and I can only recommend it (:


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